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Shri Guru Ravidass Memorial Gate, Lanka Chauraha, Varanasi

Shri 108 Sant Sarwan Dass Charitable Trust (Regd.) U.K. expressed the desire of having

a monumental Gate in the memory of Guru Ravidass Ji in Varanasi City at some prominent

road leading to the Mandir so as to perpetuate the memory of Guru Ji. This project was again undertaken by Mandir Trust under the chairmanship of Sant Niranjan Dass Ji.The foundation stone of the gate was laid on 25-05-1997 by Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram Ji BSP Supremo in the presence of prominent residents of Varanasi, distinguished persons and senior bureaucrats. Ms. Mayawati was Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh at that time. The workers worked day and night. Specially skilled stone layers were engaged from Rajasthan for this project. A huge Gate at Lanka Crossing was built in a very short period. It is a matter of great pride for our community that the gate was inaugurated by the then His Excellency, the President of India, Shri K.R. Narayanan on 16-7-1998. Shri Suraj Bhan Hon’ble Governor and Shri Kalyan Singh Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Babu Kanshi Ram were also present. At the time of inauguration of the gate, the President looked happy. Disregarding the security barriers, he came out to the barricades and shook hands with aam aadmi and saints. It was so rare and happy moment. The visitors raised and waved their hand in his honour, applause and gratitude. Large number of Guru Ji’s devotees and saints from Punjab and other states were present on the occasion along with Sant Niranjan dass Ji and Sant Rama Nand Ji. The writer was also fortunate to attend the inauguration ceremony of the gate. After the inauguration of the gate, His Excellency the President visited Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Mandir, Seer Govardhanpur,

Varanasi. At the instance of Chief Guest, Qaumi Shahid Sant Rama Nand Ji narrated the entire story of research of this site and construction of the temple and the problems faced in this regard. The President took tea and snacks with the Hazoor Maharaj Niranjan Dass Ji, Qaumi Shahid Sant Rama Nand Ji, members of Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Public Charitable Trust and other VIPs. It is an unforgettable day in the history of Guru Ravidass Mission. The names of the trustees of Sant Sarwan Dass Charitable Trust (UK), who contributed for the construction of the gate, have been carved at the gate thereby immortalising their gesture of perpetuating the memory of Satguru Ravidass Ji in the city of his assertion.

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